Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Parent Trap

Tonight Ryan isn't feeling well - it is the sinus infection that has attacked each of us - so he's laying low, Tessa and I are having Chinese (chicken and broccoli for me - low points and boring if I may say so myself) and we're watching The Parent Trap.

Remember it? Hayley Mills - times two - at camp. Lots of shenanigans. Lots of laughter - and Tessa is enjoying it just as much as I did when I was young.

I love having a daughter.


Health/Life Balance said...

Sorry Ryan's been sick too - I'm sure the dry air in the plane didn't help! Have you guys tried neti pots for the sinus stuff? I've found it to be really helpful once I got over the ick factor of it. :)

And would you believe I've never seen that movie? I'm aware of it, but just have never been inclined to watch it. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Kristina said...

Yes, Ryan is discovering the joys of my neti pot. Ewwwww! But very helpful. We decided to stay home from church this morning, and have extended snuggle time (Tessa loves to climb into our bed in the morning and tell us stories), coffee time (I'm on my third BIG cup), read (we just got down some of the Easter stories, all of which involve the Easter bunny), listen to music (Sarah McLachlan's Touch). We'll go to the Farmer's Market, and we'll do some more gardening. That's all spiritual, too, though we'll miss everyone today...

As an adult, I'm NOT going to tell you to go out and watch it. But when you're six, and there is a scene where someone has poured honey on someone else's toes while she's sleeping, and that second someone wakes up to having bears licking her toes....well, it's hysterical. :-)