Monday, March 30, 2009

Weight Watchers, Day I

I haven't signed up for meetings yet (still researching that pesky money issue), but I've started back on Weight Watchers.

I learned that my most favorite breakfast is 5 points. (2 points worth of oatmeal, one of plain nonfat yogurt, 1 of berries, and 1 of maple syrup, which isn't so healthy but makes the rest taste so good, and 0 for coffee in quantity.) I learned that the fish tacos that I enjoy are 7 points. I learned that in mid-afternoon everything is a danger zone because I wanted pastries and more. (I got a banana instead, 2 points.)

And I had to laugh at the food messages surrounding me. Right before I ate the banana, as I left PCC, the car was facing the McDonald's across the street. I don't like McDonalds - it doesn't speak to my values - but suddenly I thought "mmmm cheeseburger." No no no! The banana came straight out of the bag of groceries at that point....phew, saved.

And I was listening to short stories on the iPod (PRI "Selected Shorts" - check it out) and one talked about glazed donuts and the other talked about coconut macaroons that were small and golden and had toasted almonds on the top.....

Thank goodness I gave away all of the tea party leftovers (except the chicken sandwich filling, which despite a small amount of mayonnaise is really yummy and healthy) or I would have come home and devoured them.

Victory, one (not eaten) baked good at a time.

And on another note....
Tessa is at Grammy & Grandpa's so that I can work on the book. Today (I just got home, so it's really this evening) I will whip the house into shape so that I can concentrate on my writing; I just don't do a good job working when things are cluttered.

And Tessa was so excited to see Grammy and Grandpa, and to go swimming, and to eat Grandpa's whipped cream (he sprays it on her finger and lets her lick it off - yuck! and she loves it), and to have Grammy take her to riding lessons, and to perhaps see her cousins. I am grateful for this extended family of mine.

And the entire house to myself, with just Shep and Mo for company. Wow that's a trip!

Now, off to get busy.

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