Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Only a little bit evil

Sometimes, I get very invasive questions about why I only have one child and aren't I going to give her a brother or sister etc.

I always start with the polite answer, "We're very happy with the size of our family, and couldn't ask for more. We're content."

But if people keep asking, I can't resist adding "Well, I had to have my ovaries and uterus removed because of my cancer treatment so I can't have more children."

That usually ends the conversation.

It's a little bit evil but I can't stop myself. We only wanted one to begin with, but if someone is going to go on and on and on, well, this does tend to end the conversation.


Health/Life Balance said...

I hate that question. If someone doesn't know me, I find it terribly intrusive. We chose not to have children for many reasons. But I get asked constantly. If you're not a friend or relative, why ask this question? (If you are a friend, I have no problems answering it.) How do you know that perhaps I hadn't tried for years unsuccessful, or had a child that had died, or that I'd miscarried repeatedly? (None of that is true, but how do you know?) I'd say something just as "evil" if I were you.

Kari said...

Oh you GO, woman! It's not evil, it's simple justice. Your family is full and lovely, anyone who knows you knows this.