Sunday, March 29, 2009


I spent the evening with Family Promise. The recipients of Family Promise's help are some lovely, lovely families, and they are deserving of our thoughts, prayers, assistance, and care. Deeply deserving, actually.

I came home filled with gratitude for my life. I am grateful, in no particular order, for the following:

1) My home. It is my haven, my refuge, my sanctuary, my shelter.

2) My extended family. With their combined resources, I think I will never be homeless.

3) My education. Should I become homeless, I have many avenues to work.

4) My healthcare and health insurance. These families have experienced suffering that makes me ache and makes some of my problems look so small.

5) The peacefulness of American soil. I know, it's so far from perfect, and there is so much pain. But I do not know what a bomb sounds like except from TV. I have never held a gun. I have never experienced war. And for these things, I'm extraordinarily grateful.

There are so many more things, big and small, on my gratitude list, but these are the top. And tonight I go to bed more grateful than when I started this day, that is for certain.

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