Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monkey mind

I've got major monkey mind. (A Buddhist expression, if I recall correctly. When meditating, it refers to the inability to be still and think on a single subject or mantra, and to have one's mind scattered and picking up on every little idea that pops in.) When I read "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, I laughed out loud for a few minutes, giggling, as I read her own descriptor of monkey mind, and thought "That's it! That's me!" (She tries to imagine a placid lake, but ends up being annoyed by the jetskis on her imaginary lake.....but read the book, because it's so much more than that.)

Anyway, today I have several objectives:

1) Write book. Research, write, organize.

2) Stay on track for WW.

3) Enjoy the solitude of my house.

Nowhere on that list does it say "do laundry" (one load is in the wash, another in the dryer), or "write blog post" or "surf web" but that is what I've been doing. Oh dear.

Time to get this monkey mind on track. C'mere, little monkey. I won't hurt you. Come here.....let me pet you....here you go. I'll take care of you. You can do this....

PS I am actually excited about WW. Excited! Susan and Carolyn and I are having a mutual 40th birthday celebration at the end of May and I'm imagining how I will look then, two months from now. And I'm going to look good. And this summer? I will be the girl in shorts and a bikini top, building sand castles with Tessa. But most of all? I will be the girl who fits her own clothes!!!! I am so tired of the one pair of "fat jeans" that I'm wearing every day, or of the major muffin top created by my too-small-clothes. Today, I'm on track and lovin' it.

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