Saturday, January 10, 2009

Downhill is the wrong direction

This morning I felt great. I had a reiki treatment and I felt practically euphoric that things were going so well.

But this afternoon I got a headache, and it's horrible, and it's making it hard to think. My parents came over and were excited to tell us about their day with Tessa and all I could say was "Could youp lease speak more softly?"

Ugh. I'm back on oxycodone and trying to make the head feel less lethal. Bahhhh.

I want to be a runner. I'm in our guest room, comfortable in bed....but I'd rather be nursing sore muscles from being in the garden or going for a run or just about anything else.

My foob strap - designed to physically push down on my left foob and keep it from heading towards my chin again - dug into my skin and left red gashes. Ouch. So now it's on the outside of my clothes.....what a fashion statement.

It's hard to be up when I feel so crummy.

But I am still grateful for the help of so many people - dog walkers, meal-deliverers, and the rest.

But the headache.....ouch.

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