Thursday, January 08, 2009

Better than expected


I had been so freaked out about this surgery, so overwhelmed by it, that I almost completely forgot that good things can come out of it.

My foobs (fake+boobs=foobs) are soft. Blissfully soft! When I hug someone, they will cushion the hug, rather than banging into me and the hug-ee. They are SO much more normal in shape, and in position, that at the moment they are far exceeding my expectations.

I am wearing a giant strap around the top of the foobs to keep the left one from migrating upwards - again. I've had it corrected several times now, and so I know not to expect that it will stay in place....but I'm hopeful. So very hopeful....I just want this to be done. The strap will be uncomfortable over time - it's a two week prescription for wearing it - but tonight, on pain meds, it's not bothering me too much.

I need to call Adrienne and get on my physical therapy schedule, because I MUST prevent more scar tissue from limiting my range of motion. I must. This is the only hope, and now is the time.

I've been awake all afternoon. As the first pain meds wore off, I was definitely aware of it, so I'm staying on top of them (next ones at 10pm). But it's much less uncomfortable/painful than previous surgeries.

My throat is sore from being dry from oxygen etc - they said that they wouldn't use a tube but it definitely feels like they did.

My eye is actually the most painful part, where they removed the keloid scar.

But I can deal with all fo this.

Because now, I'm working on healing. I want to start being good and kind to my body - I want to run, I want to eat well, and I don't have to dread surgery and the dreadful plummet any more. I think I just might be done.

I can not express enough gratitude for the support I've received. Ryan adn Susan took the day off work and spent time with me, Beth watched Tessa and fed Ryan and Tessa, Ruth delivered a meal that fed Susan and I, Sue organized meals, and Sharon gave me a reiki treatment to go in strong (I really think it made a huge difference - wow). I got flowers from Mom & Dad S., and many calls from Mum & Dad, and phone messages and Facebook messages and emails from so many. I am very lucky, and grateful. Thank you.

And yes, I'm a little drugged up here, so it is what it is. But I go to bed tonight, hopeful.

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Anna Banana said...

My friend who took herceptin is getting her expanders out today. I sent her your paragraph on foobs - I know it will make her laugh. She's looking forward to having cleavage soon with her new foobs. Thanks for sharing your experience, hope you're feeling better!