Friday, April 04, 2008


I'm trying to figure out why this is so hard.

I think that they stitched the expanders directly into my muscles to prevent the problem of them migrating all over my chest (again). Translation? The tiniest movements are very painful.

My hands are shaky.

My head feels wobbly and confused - no doubt from pain meds.

I'm itchy all over from the Oxycodone.

I am going to call the doc this morning and see if I can get some different meds. Maybe if I could sleep more than 2 hours at once, or maybe if my hands would stop shaking, I could make some progress.

It is very hard to type - it requires a level of concentration that is kind of scary.

Still, it's my body that is a mess. Emotionally, I'm doing okay. If I had to choose a breakdown or physical pain, I'd choose physical I've got that going for me. But what a choice!

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