Thursday, April 03, 2008

And so it goes

I officially feel crummy.

The horse won't get off me.

I have a low-grade fever (100.0) - not enough to call the doctor (that's at 101, and I have his number handy).

It's hard to feel spunky when I feel so crummy. But I feel crummy. The slightest movements hurt. Typing isn't bad because I rest my hands on the laptop but I wouldn't even want to write with a pen because the movement would jar too much.


Friends are calling, sweet as can be. Dinners (2!) are being delivered - one from 'Chele, one from church. I am very fortunate.

Except that I feel so yucky.

Ryan and Tessa are home and I had to shoo them out of my room - Tessa's slight bumps into the bed made me grit my teeth.

Today and tomorrow are "supposed" to be hard. Today did not let me down in that regard. I'm glad that my mental state of mind is so much better....but that, unfortunately, doesn't make it hurt less.

On a totally different note -

A YSC friend who has gone to hell and back (her version of hell involves Hurricane Katrina, loss of her house, chemo, and failed reconstruction) got her tatooed nipples today. I'm pleased as punch for her - I've grown to love her, and she deserves to put the punctuation marks on. For her, as for me, the recon is a necesary part of the healing, and it gives me strength to see her reach her goal. Love you, TL.

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