Monday, March 31, 2008

Hanging in there

Today went relatively well.

As is becoming typical for me, I took on a little house project today. I think this is like nesting prior to having a baby - I know that I'll be out of it for a while and it's better for me to have the house in shape for that. I've been trying to get laundry caught up, do little projects, organize things.

And today I painted the downstairs bathroom cabinet - it was a gross wood that had seen better days and looked very dark and dingy, and now it's a nice crisp white with new hardware. A major improvement. I'll be using that bathroom when I'm staying in the guestroom, and it will make me smile each time I see the crisp white. I haven't been able to paint the entire bathroom yet, but I will do that after surgery.

And tonight, thanks to Heather's kindness in caring for Tessa, Ryan and I went on a date.

Now I'm home, tired, and ready for bed.

Really, today could have been worse. It helped to keep busy.

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