Friday, April 04, 2008

New Meds on the Way

Thank you to my brother Mike for being so accomodating.

I called the doc, and he wrote a prescription, but apparently it's a narcotic/controlled substance so he couldn't just fax it over, it needed to be an original prescription. So my brother is swinging by the PolyClinic on his way over to pick up the prescription and drop it off at Rite Aid on his way to get Tessa and spend the day with her. Heather will pick it up and deliver it to my house.

What would I do without these lovely people?

Kerri took care of Tessa on Wednesday; Katie on Thursday; Mike today. Ginger (from church) and Michele have delivered meals, and Heather's delivering one today. Ryan is juggling work, Tessa, and me.

I am fortunate.

The doc also said to take Extra Strength Tylenol in addition ot the Oxycodone, and it's helping. My hands have stopped shaking, which is a major relief.

Despite my good fortune at all this help, quite frankly, this sucks. "Uncomfortable" isn't the right word - "painful" gets a little closer. Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying for you.
Lynn H.