Tuesday, April 01, 2008

That sick feeling

Uh oh, here I go again.

I feel gross. Sick to my stomach.

It's the pre-surgery jitters. Time to take a some kind of anti-anxiety meds and sink onto the couch. Ryan will be home soon.

Today was a good day. I saw friends, did therapy, got some stuff done.

But now I feel sick.

Thank you for your love and prayers. This time tomorrow, with any luck, I'll be home again, recovering. I think (hope) that the anticipation is worse than the pain.

Please include Tessa and Ryan in your prayers. Tessa needs to remember that she is a child, and should be free from adult worries. I need her to feel at peace, loved and cared for, unconcerned as to outcomes or "what ifs." Ryan needs to feel loved and supported, too, as he has extra burdens in caring for our household as I hibernate.

Ugh my head hurts. I think I'd better go take that pill before it's too late. Here we go......

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