Saturday, February 16, 2008

Take III

The third try at bread is underway. First, not baked. Second, baked but overkneaded. I'm hoping that third time is a charm.

I found local (Bob's Red Mill near Mom & Dad S. in Milwaulkie, OR), organic flour for $4.19 for five pounds at PCC. I found local honey (I bought blackberry honey - we'll see if I like that or decide to revert to wildflower honey). I found bulk yeast (instead of being highly packaged with 6 teaspoons for $2, this is 8 ounces for $4, a considerably better deal with much less packaging). I haven't calculated yet how many loaves I can make per 5 pound bag of flour, so I haven't yet calculated the cost per loaf.....but it's a lot less than I've paid elsewhere.

Anyway, there's a bit of the thrill of the hunt to get it figured out. I will be more excited if the loaf currently in the machine actually tastes good!

Today we went to two birthday parties, and we stopped by the library. Ryan stayed home for this; he's not feeling well (congested, headcold). After bowling and gymnastics today, Tessa's tired, so she and Daddy are watching a Clifford video.

And I'm poking around with gardening ideas and baking bread. Who'd a thunk?

Be much more impressed if, at the end of the summer, the garden has been planted, the crop watered, and the food edible. Right now, this is all ideas. Wait to see if this bread thing is going to pan out, too. But I am happy to at least be on a path, and it's much better than moping around (which feels like the alternative still).

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