Thursday, February 28, 2008

Granny's beans

As I was prepping them today (since Tessa was at Anna's I thought I'd get making dinner out of the way), I remembered some things. Granny always put some apple cider vinegar in hers, as well as some dry mustard. Funny how these things can come back to you.

The beans are in the fridge now, and they'll go into the oven around 5pm so we can eat at 6ish. I'll do a simple green salad with some blood oranges in it for a side, and voila', dinner is ready.

I'm afraid to look up the points - the beans and onions are fine, but maple syrup and bacon? Uh oh. If they're as good as I remember, I'll have a hard time keeping my portions small, too.

It's misty outside but I'm determined to put on old jeans and shovel bark mulch after Tessa's pre-K parent teacher conference.....

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