Thursday, February 28, 2008


They never cooked all the way through. I guess I didn't soak them long enough...? They looked plenty plump etc, and they'd been in the slow cooker for perhaps 6 hours, but they have a slightly crumbly texture. GRRRRRR.

I added water to the "cooked" baked beans, baked them an additional 1.5 hours, and still they're better but not fully cooked. I've given up for the night, and added a cup of water and set them in the fridge. Maybe they'll absorb the water overnight and be good to go tomorrow?

Hey, Granny, send me a message. What do I do now?!

(We ate grilled cheese for dinner. Sigh.)

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*susan* said...

Sounds like the beans are old. Who knew that beans got old? But they do. Gonna send you a fabulous Boston Baked Bean recipe that you will absolutely love. [Also searching for a couple of other recipes that should fit into your new life-choices.]