Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All this food

My whole life is food centric right now. Have I gained five pounds yet?!

Most of the food I'm making is healthy, Weight Watchers-y stuff. But the berry cobbler (frozen berries) that I made tonight wasn't. It was delicious, though! Our neighbors came over for dinner at our invitation (after all, we did have a whole chicken) and so at the last minute I threw together the cobbler...yum. The chicken took an extra 45 minutes to cook because I crowded it with vegetables (oops) but nobody complained too much.

The leek soup was ho-hum. I used the broth for the base of the chicken stock (leftover chicken carcas - this time with yellow onions, celery, etc!) because it was so dull, but I think it will really liven up the chicken stock.

The beans are prepped, ready to be turned into Granny's Baked Beans tomorrow. I have a blue "pot" to cook them can't be as good as Granny's brown one, but I'll try.

All this food talk/thinking/prepping/cooking/cleanup is exhausting. Enough already! But hopefully I'll get into a groove where it takes up less of my time.

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