Friday, May 01, 2009


Today I'm working on balance. Working on the book....but trying to get some laundry done, too, and un-bury the house (which has become a disaster since I stopped dedicating so much time to it).

I want to work. I am falling in love with my Hunts Point project, really getting into it, and it's satisfying to me in a way that housework - ha! - never could be.

But I had a rhythm in my day that is lost. I used to keep the house relatively clean, with regular vacuuming and bathroom cleaning and all that. Laundry was pretty caught up - always a load to do, but not a mountain to do. Dinners were more planned.

And right now I'm scrambling, and I feel like my life is coated in doghair (yechhhhhhh) and my bathroom feels gritty and the laundry IS a mountain. So, I spent a couple of hours this morning working on that, and now it's not as totally disgusting, although not great, and now I'm going to try to immerse myself back into the book.

I just hope that the phone doesn't ring and that I don't get distracted by some other undone chore and that I don't find myself wandering to the fridge, which is oh-so-accessable....

This balance business is tough.

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