Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If I was a cursing girl, I'd insert a lot of curse words here.

I am so tired. Yes, I worked today, and it was great. (And the folks at the Public Library - the Central Branch downtown has amazing collections - were so kind and helpful.) I used microfiche for the first time since college, and I got to thumb through newspaper books from the 1880s, and it was all just so darned amazing to get such rich data.

(In case you can't tell, I'm working on the "early days" of the Hunt/Hunt's Point story.)

I will have to spend many more hours there to get what I need, but I'm so happy to do the work.

But I'm tired and grumpy and Tessa was amazingly grouchy and I worry that she's getting sick and my house is a mess and I have phone calls to return and paperwork (bills) to go through and aghhhhhhhh.

When did I become such a whiner?

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel more rested.

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Anna Banana said...

I definitely had you in mind when I wrote Risk/Benefit, as well as my friends with pancreatic cancer and multiple myeloma (this one is considering a clinical trial) and 3 friends who are breast cancer survivors. And Little Warrior. Too many! I have my own decisions to contemplate the risks/benefits of, but at least they're not life and death decisions. Thanks for sharing your whole life with us, Kristina.