Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting ready for a whole new person

Me, that is.

My beloved oncologist called me back. I told her about my issues with Aromasin (and Femara before that). I told her "I don't think I can do this any more." She hooted and applauded! She told me that she's been sending me subliminal messages to go off the AI and switch to tamoxifen. With the new study showing three years of an AI followed by two years of tamoxifen equal in efficacy to five years of AI, it is a no-brainer.

She told me that my fatigue was related to the AIs, and the pain is related to the AIs, and that both should go away. Hot flashes will reappear, but the rest will go away. I will feel like a new woman.


The prescription is to go off the AIs for a month, and then start the tamoxifen (right after I return from Portland). She said it make take more than a month to get the AIs out of my system, but after a month on tamoxifen we'll know how the side effects will be in the long term.

I am so hopeful. I really, really, really need this break. I am so tired of trying to move and feeling so bad. She said I really might feel like my old energy is back.

I don't ask for a whole lotta prayers, but I'm asking now. I really feel like I need this to work. The prospect of feeling this bad for the rest of my life is really scary, and I need a change for the better. I need it so that I can focus on the Hunts Point book, focus on my family, focus on running, focus on all the many things that I care about.

Tonight, when Tessa goes to bed, I will go to bed. Hopefully this time next month I won't feel a NEED to do that any more.

A whole new me. I could really get used to that.

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