Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Well, yesterday's prediction of my day was way, way off.

My mom called because she wasn't feeling well, so we canceled our dinner with my parents. And then I decided that it was too far to drive to pony lessons for just a 45 minute lesson,s o I canceled that.

Instead, I went running! I managed close to four miles without killing myself, and with short walk breaks (The Galloway Method) thrown in. It is amazing to me how one minute of walking changes my entire body - it completely renews me and preps me for more running.

And then I locked my good keys in my car, and the "running key" that I'd tied to my shoelace didn't work. Ackkkkk! I think we must have held on to an old van key (keep in mind that we became a one car family about two years ago) and that's what I brought. Fortunately, my friend Audrey (who came with me) was able to call her husband to come and pick us - and Shep! - up, or I'd have had to walk a couple of miles home again.

Anyway. Not the day I had planned, but not a bad day. I'm proud of my running success, and hope to do it again tomorrow. (Tomorrow I'll volunteer in the classroom, then run home - Ryan will have the car. Enforced running! :-) )

Today I've got dinner cooking in the crock pot - beef stew. I got the beef at the Farmer's Market this weekend, so it's pasture raised, and I feel good about that. Still, I'm trying to cut back on beef so I cut the beef in half and raised the quantity of vegetables in the recipe, and we'll see what my family has to say about that! (I won't tell them - will they notice?) This will make it a lighter dish, too.

....Which is good, because I am sticking out WW and trying not to be too sad about my nearly-nothing weight loss last week. I'm hoping for a GREAT weight-loss week this week, but whatever will be will be. I go to my first meeting tonight, and I'm kind of excited about it, because it's a sign of my commitment. I am committed to this.

Yesterday Tessa and I joined some Alki friends and played on the beach after school - it was lovely.

So that's my life in a nutshell at the moment. Tessa's at school, I'm going to do some chores and then work on the book, and here we are.

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