Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I am officially back on Weight Watchers, in every way. I've been tracking my food for 9 days using the online programs, and today I went to my first meeting and got all the booklets and learned about the new Momentum program.

It feels good. It feels great, actually, despite my miniscule, awfully-small loss last week. I know that if I stick it out it will work, and I have a proven track record with this program.

I am going to feel good. I can't wait to feel good. I'm tired of my aches and pains, and I'm absolutely certain that some of them are from weighing a bit more than I ought to.

Fitting back into the 7 Jeans (the brand, not the size) that Jenny gave me. I love those jeans.

Wearing a bathing suit at Alki beach this summer.

Running in the half marathon wearing my new running skort.

Getting dressed without that frumpy feeling that I have currently.

Moving without creaking so much.

Giving away the pair of jeans that I am forced to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY right now because they are the only pair of pants that fits me at the moment.

This is gonna be great!

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Health/Life Balance said...

I'm glad you were able to go yesterday. Does Janet still do that meeting? I love her!

I love eTools - since I'm on a computer all day, it's helpful to have open all day at the office and track my stuff.

Last night I had some unplanned eating at a meeting that went WAY longer than expected and the Thin Mints were in front of me. The fact that I only ate 2 was great, and I tracked it, but I still wish I'd had an alternative.

My vision is to lose enough weight to get my wedding ring back on my finger. I haven't worn it in about 5 years now. I never re-sized it because I was going to lose the weight "soon." I look forward to showing it off to everyone when it fits!