Friday, April 10, 2009

Lost tooth and Easter Eggs

It was a very exciting day in six-year-old-land.

Tessa ran up to me after school with the proud pronouncement that she lost her first tooth today, at lunch, in the cafeteria, while eating an apple. The school apparently has a policy around lost teeth (clever, if you ask me) and Tessa was sent to the nurse, who mopped up the couple of drops of blood and admired said tooth as appropriate. Best of all? Tessa was given a tooth necklace, where the tooth was taped inside a small tooth-shaped "locket" that Tessa could wear all day.

The kid is walking on air. It cracks me up, and I just love it. She is just filled with the joy of being six, and of losing her first tooth, and feeling so grown up from it all.

(Mama is recovering. My baby is gone! She's been replaced by this lovely young girl! I love this girl....but my baby is gone!)

And as if that wasn't enough...

Today we dyed Easter eggs, as planned. We chose a glitter-style for some, and stripes for others. We'll be eating deviled eggs for a couple of days....but not until the eggs have been admired for a bit longer.

"Mama, this was the best day ever."

PS Best day ever included ordering Pagliacci. Bad news for WW fans - I ordered the salad, and ate it, feeling virtuous. I looked up points AFTER eating it. Ummm, I ate 16 points worth of salad. SO not worth it. I blew all of my points for the week and I'm hacked off about it....sigh. I'll go for a run tomorrow to try to recover a bit. :-(

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