Monday, February 09, 2009

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Tessa is testing my patience lately. She's got Attitude with a capital A. She has decided not to follow through until I yell.....and I don't want to yell. I even say to her, "Do you want me to yell? How come you only listen when I yell?" (Note here; I don't mean screaming at my kiddo. I mean speaking in a louder-than-usual voice with a stern tone.)

So she says, "I'll do it" and then she spaces out. And then I speak loudly/yell at her and THEN she does whatever it is.


This is not the parenting plan I'd been planning on.

My last post was done during some down time. You can see how many times Tessa interrupted me just by reading the disjointedness of the whole thing.


I know testing is a part of childhood. She's doing well in school, thankfully, and her teacher mostly says she's an "easy" child to have in the classroom. But at home, well, it's a test of my patience, if nothing else.

I can learn patience. I'm sure of it!

I hope so, anyway.

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Kristina said...

Commenting on my own post here...

Tessa wasn't feeling well when I wrote that, and I was feeling at my wits' end. Really, when I read it, I realize how bad tempered I was when I wrote it. She's a great kid, and she does have moments of driving me to distraction, but MOSTLY she is fabulous. How could I forget that? Well, I'm remembering now.