Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fresh and frugal

Tonight's dinner is "Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken" from Cooking Light's current issue (this is my only magazine subscription these days, and I use it a lot). The ingredients aren't TOO spicy - let's hope that Tessa will still eat it!

I'm pleased with this recipe choice because, given that I have a well stocked pantry, it uses almost all ingredients on hand; I just had to buy chicken (a good deal at Trader Joe's for organic), and a can of pineapple (I'd rather buy fresh but that's where the budget came in). Because I cook a lot, I already had soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, garlic, ginger (I store mine in the freezer), ketchup, rice vinegar, chile paste, sesame oil in the pantry, and I always have onions on hand. The recipe calls for diced green and red peppers, as well as green onions, but I'm substituting frozen (Trader Joe's again) green beans and fresh parsley instead.

So, rice (brown, organic, from the bulk section) is in the rice cooker, and the chicken is marinating, and the sauce is prepped. When Ryan gets home, I'll just stir fry it all in the wok for a few minutes, and dinner will be ready.

And for the record....I'm beat! Being A Good Mom today took it all out of me. Maybe tomorrow I can be selfish. ;-) Oh, wait, tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. Ah, crap. Well, another time then.

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