Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday again

Okay, my kiddo can't seem to catch a break.

Today was Zoe's Build-a-Bear rescheduled party, and though Tessa wasn't feeling great we went together. Tessa was very, very quiet, even though she was excited to be with her friends and to get a new toy. She asked me to carry her, though Jessie and Zoe were skipping and having fun. She fell 11:30 in the the car on the way home, even though we were with friends.

I'm so tired of this. I feel awful that she feels so crummy!

So, we've canceled going to gymnastics class. We've canceled having Anna over for a playdate (which was also going to help Beth out). Tessa and I will stay home from the engagement party for Melissa and Ross at the Surface7's tonight. Arghhhhhh!

So, Tessa's watching Clifford and I'm doing chores.

We visited the pharmacist today to talk about side effects. I'm scheduling the appointment with the allergist. We're calling back the doctor. We still think it's allergies, and so we're checking it out fully.


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