Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleep deprivation and chore time

Last night I was into a good book, so I didn't turn out the light until midnight (my mistake). Ryan was restless, so I didn't fall asleep until around 1:30 (I love him anyway). And then this morning at 5am Tessa woke up crying, saying, "My tummy hurts SO much!" She threw up and the whole bit.

Cancel soccer, cancel our playdate with Anna, cancel having Michele & Dave & kids over for dinner.

Well, Tessa seems to be her regular self again, happy as a clam except mad that I won't let her play with friends. We've taken on a chore day as a result, and I just spent a couple of torturous hours in Tessa's room sorting through her things and getting rid of things. The end result is worth it but OH MY that was no fun at all!

Tessa and I also washed down her "new" desk in preparation for painting. This is another of my roadside treasures, and I'm actually thinking it IS a treasure. It is a solid maple writing desk with little cubby-drawers, well made and heavy. We are painting it white to match everything else in her room, and switching out the hardware, and I think it's going to be darling. She's excited about it, too. It will be nice for first grade homework projects.

Laundry is running, the vacuum has been getting milage, and I'm exhausted. But I have spent so much time doing fun stuff that it is good to get things done around the house, too.

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