Thursday, March 19, 2009

White House Vegetable Garden!

They're really doing it! They really are!

With war, financial chaos, and so much else going on in politics and the world, I am quite grateful that the Obama family is choosing to pay attention to this cause. Organic, healthy food - cheap! I hope that other Americans follow suit.

(I just finished one of Michael Pollan's early books, Second Nature, and per his advice signed up to receive a number of seed company catalogs. I'm a bit late to the game on that, but I look forward to planning which heirloom varieties to get.)

This weekend we'll break ground on the "new" garden - which means that Ryan will be doing some heavy labor. Tessa and I will tend the ground where the old garden was, pulling weeds, and MAYBE even finding some hardy peas and such to plant. It's garden time!

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Julie said...

Hi Kristina~

I work full time and just can't committ to a garden this summer but we just signed up for a food share through a local organic farm. I work at the University of Vermont and they will deliver the veggies and fruit each Wednesday to a central location on campus. I am SO excited! We'll get fresh and organic veggies and fruit for 21 weeks and help support a local farmer. Good stuff.