Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quiet Sunday

We've been having a family snuggle this Sunday morning - all five of us have been perched in our queen bed, Ryan and I flanking Tessa and the animals curled up at our feet, as we watch the snow (yes, snow) falling outside the window. Simple pleasures - togetherness, warmth, morning chit chat....and lots of coffee, of course.

Tessa had a pretty restful night after the horribleness of the evening - I guess her body had something to get rid of and once she tossed her cookies she appeared to feel a bit better. It's now 9:36 and she's dressed, had a small breakfast (a few bites of oatmeal - we don't want to push it), and she has fallen asleep again, lying here next to me. Poor kid - I really wish she could shake this awful bug.

Ryan's a bit sad because he had planned a group ride this morning (some organized ride whose name I've already forgotten) and he'd prepped his bike and gear last night....let's just say that waking to snow was NOT his idea of a good time.

So Ryan's taking an hour at the coffee shop, and I'll take a few hours to myself later today, and Tessa will snuggle with either or both of us, and we'll read books and watch movies and cross our fingers that there will be no more throwing up and that she will quickly mend.

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