Thursday, October 09, 2008

Small steps

We never used to pack our lunches.

Every day, Ryan bought lunch. This was just how it was. When I was teaching, I often bought lunches, as well.

No longer. We're realizing how we have nickel-and-dimed ourselves, and we're packing lunches every day. It's annoying (being green and frugal isn't always fun!) but still worth it.

Today we're having turkey sandwiches on home made bread. Mine has avocado, Tessa's has cheese, and Ryan's has mustard and cheese. Add some fruit for Tessa and I, throw in a string cheese for Tessa's snack, and additionally give Ryan some cheese and crackers, and we each have lunch prepared and sitting in our reusable lunch bags on the counter. (Mine is done, too, because I am volunteering in the classroom this morning and then going to a doctor's appointment, so I figured I'd better be prepared.)

Many people do this daily and always have. For me, it's a re-learning process. I'm learning, albeit slowly.

Now, off to wake up the girl....


AnnMarie said...

Imagine that one day, the annoyance will switch and you'll find that you forgot lunch and you are terribly annoyed that you have to go buy something! Trust me, it will. I've always been a brown bagger. I can't even imagine buying my lunch here on campus. The few times I have, I'm always disappointed in the choices and have a hard time finding something I want to eat (that is also in my price range). I'd far, far rather eat my pretzels and cheese or yogurt or ham salad sandwich or whatever else it is fresh made at home with exactly what I want on it!

Kari said...

This week we're making duct tape lunch sacks in the Older El idea! Today my youngest brought his lunch to homeschool school....yeah, it was one banana. Right. Maybe I'd better check up on that.

Thanks for hosting us tonight!