Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can hardly wait....

...for November 4.

It should strike nobody here as a suprise that I will be voting for Obama - I don't hide my liberal light under a bushel.

Of course, I'll be glad when machines stop calling my telephone to tell me who to vote for. I'll be glad to stop hearing "he said she said they said" stories in the news about the candidates.

But mostly, I will just be glad if my candidate wins. I really, truly, deeply believe that the Obama/Biden ticket is what this country needs right now, and that Obama is a candidate that I can believe in. I believe that he will promote peace, that he will work for all American people, and that he will repair some of the damage done to the US in the eyes of the world under the reign of G.W.

I think that if I see "Obama wins" I will weep genuine tears of joy. Our country needs a change, desperately, and I think that Obama is that change. The polls are in his favor right now, and I'm very hopeful.

And don't even get me started on Sarah Palin. She frightens me - enough said.

Fingers crossed and praying....

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