Monday, October 20, 2008

Another whirlwind week

Monday morning, and all is well.

Ryan is at work, Tessa is at school, I've done some grocery shopping, and I'm confronting my "to do" list at the moment. Okay, with a little blog break.

Fall weather has hit full force -there is a damp chill in the air, and it's rained quite a bit today. I'm wearing my down vest INDOORS because my house is at 66 - this really better be impacting the environment and our heat bills positively, because I'm positively chilled. I'm determined to stay the course, however, and I can put on another sweater if necessary!

Yesterday we enjoyed a nice church service (Tessa got to learn about Thoreau's time at Walden Pond), and then our family did lots of chores. Ryan got rid of old fence boards at the dump, I baked banana bread to use up some bananas that were going to the dark side (and Tessa helped), and Tessa and I weeded the vegetable garden and pulled out the dead tomato plants etc. The bonus of weeding was that we discovered some veggies left over! We got two acorn squash, a number of patty-pan (starburst) squash, a dinner's worth of carrots, some onions, and even a few ripe tomatoes.

Last night for dinner we put our garden crop to good use - I made a stir fry with chicken (organic chicken breasts at TJs for $6.99 a pound!), tamari, white wine, ginger and garlic, and I used all these fresh veggies from our garden, in addition to some broccoli I'd already planned on using and some brown rice (organic from the bins at PCC). It was delicious and oh-so-satisfying -simple food that tasted fresh. Ryan's got the leftovers for lunch today.

And today I'm doing chores, planning for a busy week. Tessa has yoga today and ballet tomorrow; Wednesday Ryan and I are attending our first of six Sanity Circus classes (a silly name for a great parenting class - it's a positive discipline approach to parenting for elementary aged kids)....the week will be busy.

And now, off to the races.

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