Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Uh oh - exhausted again?

I'm WIPED. Totally wiped. I hate that feeling - a million things to do and the desire to do them but where will I get the energy? It is 7:25pm and I'm about to head to bed for the night in the hopes that I can recharge my batteries for tomorrow.

I am glad that I did not schedule much for the summer, and that Tessa and I spent so much time together, and that we did not have to get up at the crack of dawn to be anywhere. I don't mind that we're so scheduled now - it is the way of the world, and I accept that - but it's a pretty major adjustment.

I am listening to my iPod more than ever with Tessa gone; instead of conversing with her or keeping one ear attuned to her activities even if we were in different rooms, I'm in my own little world. I'm particularly enjoying podcasts - NPR's "On Science," "On Religion," "Speaking of Faith," "This American Life," "The Moth" and others are drawing me in. I've also downloaded a number of guided meditations - I highly recommend the Meditation Peace podcast on "Meditating on the Heart" if you're looking for guided meditation. I catch up on missed WSUU sermons, too - although I'm hoping I won't miss many in the next couple of months, as I hope to attend regularly. I appreciate this time inside my own head, with no-one but myself to answer to. It makes laundry, errands, and the like so much more interesting to me.

Tessa had a major meltdown today after school, her first in a long time. I think that she, too, is overtired. Her bedtime is moving farther and farther back - it was 8:30pm for a long time, but I suspect that it's going to settle at 7:30pm. As I type, she's in bed with Ryan reading her stories, winding down, happy again....but the meltdown was no fun and resulted in a canceled playdate.

I'm rambling and somewhat incoherent, so I'll take that as a sign to sign off. Good night.

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Julie said...

Hi Kristina~

My son, Myles, just started K too this year and we also had an enormous meltdown yesterday after school- I hadn't seen one like this in a very long time. I think it surprised both of us. )-:
He was in bed sound asleep by 7pm which is incredibly rare around here b/c we also have a 3rd grader who likes to be up later.

Thanks for your green update. We continue to make small changes every day and I'm really proud of that.