Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Finding the routine

I am settling into my routine, and finding comfort in it. I'm trying to create space to spend quality time with Tessa (especially since our quantity has been reduced), to take care of my mental and physical health, to care for the house, to keep up with chores, to do work on the book, to walk the dog, and all the rest.

Slowly, it's shaking out. I haven't got it figured out, but I've got a start.

Today is Tessa's first day of ballet, and I'm excited for her to begin. I hope it's not too much at the start of school - she's already pretty tired - but it's the activity she most wants to do, and I want her to have one activity outside of school. She has friends in the class, and as always, that will help with her transition.

Today Ryan is still in Virginia, but he comes home tonight in preparation for his first "real" day. His messages to me are positive and hopeful, and I hope that this job is just what he hopes it will be - challenging but not too challenging; interesting; motivating. I hope he is a star!

And now I'm off to look at book materials.

Routine, routine.....I'll get there....

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