Monday, November 17, 2008

Grading the day

Tessa to school on time, breakfast in belly, and lunch in backpack: check

Dog walked: check

Laundry (mostly) folded: check

Floors mopped: check

Home made dinner using inexpensive ingredients that we already had: check

Remembering that it was early dismissal: check

Playdate after school: check

Tessa getting outdoor time (in the yard with playdate, playing in leaves and on swingset): check

Number of books I read to Tessa today: five

Volunteer time: about a half hour

Number of games played with Tessa: three (Break the Ice, CandyLand, and Dominoes)

Money spent today: $0

The kitchen is tidied, the floor is mopped, the dog and cat are fed. So, by many accounts, it was a good day, that I can feel good about.

I also have a list of what I didn't do today:
- work on the Hunts' Point book
- Call the PolyClinic to set up a payment plan for our latest big bill
- Make myself a dentist appointment
- Make granola
- Get some "real" exercise (the dog walk was only a mile or so)

Still, today I was relatively productive. I give myself a B. Tomorrow, the Hunts Point book is a priority in the morning, and visiting my mom is a priority in the afternoon.

Now, back to matching socks. Yawn.

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