Friday, November 21, 2008


That is the sound of the end of the week.


Tonight we'll enjoy some quiet family time, possibly in front of the TV, because we have all been running around like crazy. Maybe we'll do game night, maybe not.

Ryan's almost home, Tessa had a 4 hour playdate, and I made granola, baked bread, made soup stock with the chicken carcass from a couple of days ago, and folded way too much laundry.

Ryan did a quick assessment on our weekly budget and we came in UNDER!!!!! How is that possible? Yay, us! It makes the small sacrifices so worthwhile - hurrah for us.

I'm working on writing a press release for Alki because they won the Governor's Health Challenge; I'm prepping for my Genentech trip to San Diego in early December; I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving; Christmas lists are being made; I'm organizing the extended Dahl family gathering, and....well, you get the idea. Things are busy. The Hunts Point book is in there, too, and all of the usual cooking, cleaning, and carpooling.

Oh, and I'm writing a winter solstice play for church. Because I didn't have nearly enough to do with my time....! Still, it feels good to give back, to be involved in my community, to bond with friends and family over these activities.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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