Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lost iPod, or, Good deed gone awry

Today I decided that Shep and I needed some exercise, and since I needed a lemon for tonight's dinner recipe, I decided to walk to Thriftway. On the corner of Graham and California (a relatively busy intersection) I saw two large Newfoundland dogs come sauntering toward me, without a leash. They crossed the busy road to visit with Shep (who was on his leash), and I was able to grab one of them, and take my iPod phones out of my ears, find my cellphone in my purse, and call the number on the tag to locate the owner. The dog didn't like me holding her, so she barked at Shep and I, and it was a bit chaotic.

Anyway, the two dogs didn't want me to restrain them, so they took off at a good pace down the street. I followed them, trying to keep them off the road, and trying to keep Shep (who was pretty excited by all of this) under control until the owner arrived.

The dogs were eventually reunited with their owner, and all is well.


Except that somewhere in the shuffle my iPod disappeared. I combed the streets/alley with a kind neighbor, Lesley, who appeared to help, but it was gone without a trace.


We are watching our budget, and an iPod is a luxury item, and this was already a replacement for the unfortunate incident involving broccoli soup, the washing machine, and my previous iPod, so I don't see a replacement soon. I am so totally bummed by this it makes me really grumpy! I didn't want to go for a walk, I still feel kind of sick, and this was my reward for walking the dog and doing a good deed. I've grown super-fond of listening to podcasts and relaxing to music when walking, or running with fast music; the iPod is a good companion, and I'm really going to miss it.

I know, the good deed is supposed to make me feel good but I feel petulant and frustrated more than sweet and kind. Bah humbug.

Anyway, if anyone finds a white iPod Nano in the vicinity of California and Graham, I'd love to be reunited with it....


Sue said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this - but glad that you didn't get attacked by the dogs (which is where I thought this post was headed when I started reading).

You should post about the lost ipod on the West Seattle Blog - then a lot of eyes will be on the lookout.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina
Here is an idea.
If you are nearing the upgrade on your cell , get a blackberry curve or motorola q. I got my blackberry curve at bestbuy for $79 as an upgrade. I could've gotten one thru my cell company , verizon , it would've been about $179 though.
But even then, I would've been able to have them ship it, bill it to me and then after the purchase asked them to split the payments out somewhat (I've done things like that in the past)
My friend got a motorola q off ebay for $49 and it was like new. I have seen them on craiglist as well.
The reason I say get a bb or a q- because BOTH can be used as an ipod as well!
This makes it less of a luxury item when it is a cell, right?
And you can use them like the video ipods too. You just have to have a memory card if you are going to put more than a few songs on them.
Another idea is reconditioned ipods. But I love the cell idea. Christmas is coming, just get a bb for a gift from hubby! LOL