Monday, September 22, 2008


Today I logged on to the YSC to check in. I haven't been going much - hadn't been in months until the last week - and I learned that another warrior died.

Brin is gone.
Lola is gone.
Melinda is gone.
Cathy is gone.
Shabby is gone.
Jayme is gone.

I learned of Brin today. The last update on her was September 5; she had just learned that Taxol was no longer working on her mets, and she was "prepared to fight." She died four days later.

I am sending my love, prayers, anger and fear out into the universe. These women were amazing; they were incredible. And now they're gone. It's not about me, but it still hurts. They were not my inner circle, but it still hurts.


Sue said...

{{{Kristina}}} Sending hugs.

Bryona said...

Oh, sweetheart. I'm so sorry about Brin and Lola--especially your Tartan Warrior. Sending you lots of love, and wishing it could help ease the pain.