Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kindergarten is hard!

Tessa is struggling.

She does fine in school, but at the end of the day she is melting down. The girl is tired, tired, tired.

I'm realizing that we can plan NOTHING during the week at this time; school, ballet, and yoga and that's it. Tessa needs a good routine, bedtime at 7:30, and that's about it. Lots of snuggle time, lots of stories, home made food.

Tessa is also struggling with exclusionary behavior - she's leaving other girls out of her play intentionally. I talked to the teacher about it and my heart sank - this is absolutely NOT okay with me.

Tessa is a great kid with an amazing, compassionate heart. This is temporary, and we will fix it.

But kindergarten is hard!


Julie said...

Hi Kristina,
We are having very similar issues with our son Myles. He holds on all day and school and melts down at home. We have found that he needs to be in his bed at 7pm-which is hard b/c he barely sees Daddy in the evening... but if I read him a book and rub his back for a minute, he's asleep at 7:15pm.
I'm sorry that Tessa is excluding some of the girls. Think of it as a learning curve. They are just learning the dynamics of friendship and don't always make the best choices. Sadly, she'll probably learn the reality when she is excluded at some point.
Take care of yourself,

Julie said...

I should've said "He holds on all day AT school" not AND school.
I type too fast for my brain sometimes. (-: