Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

The long anticipated day has finally arrived, and as I type this, Tessa is sitting in Ms. Coghill's class at Alki. She was filled with excitement for the day, waking up early and thrilled with the prospect of a day at school.

I made a massive breakfast of Tessa's choice: sausage and bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, mango and strawberries. Tessa chose her own outfit - a new school dress - and hairstyle. We have chosen to take the bus as much as possible, riding Metro each day together. Most days I will take Shep with me, and tie him up while I drop Tessa off, and then I'll run/walk home with him for a workout for each of us. For pick-up I think I'll drive more often because it takes a bit to get home if I Metro it, but most mornings (maybe all!) I will take Tessa on the bus.
(Tessa can't ride the yellow bus because of administrivia; we don't qualify for transportation on the school bus to Alki. No matter; I like the chance to talk with her on the way in.)

Pictures tell the story -

Tessa with a backpack on (it's as big as she is, despite the "ergonomic fit"!) at our front door, dressed for school; On the bus with Mama and Daddy; with the bus driver (Scott - super friendly Metro driver); in front of her pink locker with her name on it (and she's sharing a locker with Benjamin); on the playground with Anna; walking in line to the classroom from outdoors; sitting at her desk; a broad view of her classroom (you can see that Jessie sits in the same row, a few seats away).
When the settling in was done, and the parents were encouraged to leave - already? - I asked Tessa if she was ready for me to go or if I should stay a little. She said, "I'm ready for you to go," in a very matter of fact voice, and with a smile. I felt a tiny bit heartbroken, but so proud of her in that moment. She is, indeed, ready for kindergarten on her own, and she is going to do GREAT.
And me? I need to start working on MY new life, with a child in school full time. Lots to think about on that front.


deb n said...

Having found a 5 year old from High Point wandering our Westwood Village street after 6p-sent on the wrong bus and dropped off far from home with clear notes on his chest where he belonged-be very glad she was not on a school bus. Especially hearing from the police officer that this was one of many today, many kinks in that system to work out!

Kristina said...

Oh my gosh that story gives me CHILLS. I can not imagine how the child or parents felt. I fear I'd become incoherent in that I'm so glad that they were brought back together and that all was well. The poor kid! What a "first day" story - I hope that the rest of school is a breeze in comparison.

deb said...

I would have also. The parents were beside themselves later, so relieved, so thankful.

I can't believe how beautiful and grown up Tessa is! I am sure she handled school well, may she learn well there, she had a great first teacher already.