Monday, August 25, 2008

...and home AGAIN!

So Tessa, Ryan and I got home from the coast late Friday. We spent Saturday at home (I don't even know how many loads of laundry I did) and had our wonderful neighbors Sarah & Steven over for dinner and catch-up in the evening. Then, at 11am on Sunday, Tessa and I were out the door again, this time for a night with the Landahls at the Grand Wolf Lodge. The Lodge is a water park with slides, pools, and more activities than I could possibly name, with themed rooms (ours was a cabin; the kids had a "real" cabin in the middle of the room to sleep in, with painted murals and bunk beds). We had so much fun with Susan, Jackson, and Carter....but I haven't been away from home for this long in YEARS and I am really glad to be back.

The house needs a good scrub (when Susan dropped us off tonight and came in for take-out dinner, her d0g allergies kicked in big time), the laundry isn't all done, and I have more projects awaiting me than I can count.

Tonight I hope to sleep well, and long.


PS At least a dozen messages on my machine and countless emails - I am so far behind I don't know how to catch up but tomorrow I'll try. I haven't even heard my voicemail yet.

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