Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I went to bed too late last night (I was too hot to get much done during the day yesterday, so I got a lot done in the evening instead) and got up early this morning and I'm wiped. More coffee, please. (Thanks Ryan for brewing a pot.)

I can't bear it when the house is a mess, and yesterday it went into the "ewww I can't deal" category. Now I've got things straightened (bathroom wiped down, laundry folded and put away, beds made, counters cleared, swept, etc.) but I need to do some more serious organization. The paper trail is everywhere, and needs to be dealt with. Maybe that will be tomorrow's project.

I made bread yesterday for the first time in a while. We're going to Woodinville to play in the pool and visit Grammy & Caleb, so we're packing a lunch. PB&J with home made bread and Grandma's jam is something to write home about, not just another sandwich!

My body is sore from the yard work of last evening, but I'm so glad I got it done. I will leave the house today knowing that I have happy plants.

On a totally different note....a moment of silence for my iPod. :-( While we were on Orcas, Tessa inadvertently dumped an entire untouched bowl of broccoli soup into my purse. (Don't ask.) I removed all of the contents (I thought) to put the purse in the wash, but I forgot the hidden pocket that safely stowed my iPod out of harm's way. iPods do not wash well, and it was no surprise to me to find out that it is kaput. This is a major bummer to me - I use my iPod a lot.

Oh well. It could be worse....

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