Monday, April 14, 2008

And the week commences

Tessa is home, where she belongs. She had a wonderful time with Grammy, Grandpa, GG, Auntie Krystal, Uncle Mike, Caleb, and Jockey, and is filled with stories about how great it was to be in the motorhome, to be on the beach, to be in the woods. I'm delighted at her closeness with her extended family, and her joy in being with them.

But of course, she belongs with me! It is a delight to be her mother.

Today is a quiet morning being together, planning our week. Later today is gymnastics for Tessa, and of course there's preschool in the week, and playdates to arrange, and chores to be done.

It's nice just to be together. Tonight I plan to make a "real" dinner for the first time in a while - how is it possible that I have not cooked in so long? Hopefully I can last (energy wise) all day today, so that we can have a nice family dinner tonight.

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Corina said...

Nice to learn you are feeling more your old self! Hope you had a pleasant family dinner.