Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tessa in her "Dorothy braids" at a gymnastics birthday party:
Pardon the orientation on this one - still getting used to my new camera and editing software. Tessa at gymnastics.
Lined up at the party, waiting to go on the gymnastics floor.
"Mommy, take my picture!"
Tea parties are becoming an even more regular feature at home. I found a tea cozy a while ago that makes me feel like I'm in a country garden every time I see it...
This picture reminds me of the first picture I ever saw of Shep, on the website. Only he was MUCH smaller! He is a fabulous dog; I do love him. My little spiritual center, on top of Grandpa G.'s bookcase. The candle with leaves reminds me of nature's beauty and bounty; the cross reminds me of forgiveness and redemption; Buddha reminds me of compassion. I feel a peacefulness each time I pass by.
"Mommy, take my picture!" Tessa in her room.
More tea parties.
Another tea party, this one for lunch with Zoe and Jenny a while ago.

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