Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The little things

Today I will walk Shep to preschool to pick up Tessa, saving two miles of driving, and getting us some exercise.

Today I parked two blocks from the parking garage at my doctor's office, on the street, so that I got to stretch my legs and didn't pay the ridiculous garage fees.

Today I decided that instead of buying myself a latte/Americano I would come home and make myself a cup of tea.

Last night, instead of watching TV, I read for a couple of hours before bed.

Tonight, I came up with a recipe (from Weight Watchers) based on ingredients currently in my refrigerator, saving me yet another trip to the grocery store, and not wasting what we already have. (And it uses a whole chicken, so my plan is to use the leftovers to make a soup, creating another healthy meal and not wasting the leftovers.)

So these things are really, really small . They don't add up to much. But I will stubbornly persist in the idea that if I continue on this path, my carbon footprint will be smaller, my bank account will be bigger, my body will be healthier, and my soul will be more content.

I hope so, anyway.

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