Friday, February 08, 2008

Another day

I am slogging through it. I will get through it, but the path doesn't seem very clear. Ugh!

I took the old (smaller) dosage of Lexapro last night. The therapist pointed to some studies that show higher doses cause racing thoughts, etc. in some patients, particularly younger patients (teenagers). I'm no teenager but there is a correlation to my increased dosage and my crazy thoughts.

I just want to get past this. I want to be my usual, happy self. NOW. I don't even know myself when I feel like this.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I used to take Lexapro, too. And I ended up going off of it for the reasons your therapist mentioned - racing thoughts, panic attacks, etc.

You aren't crazy!


Anonymous said...

I used to listen to this when I was down. Sometimes I'd even try it.