Monday, February 04, 2008

Ah HA!

Two nights ago, Tessa coughed through the night....a light, dry cough, but it lasted all night. We thought "uh oh" and canceled all activities....and she seemed fine all day yesterday, so we thought we'd over-reacted.

Last night, Tessa coughed more violently ALL night. She cried, tossed and turned, and we brought her into our bed to monitor her and comfort her. It was a rough night for the whole family, and I started to be very concerned about poor Tessa.

Then, this morning, she's her chipper self. (Four cups of coffee, and I'm still not fully awake, but that's another story.)

I called the nurses' line at the clinic, totally confused by this turn of events.

The nurse asked all the usual questions: Fever? No. Croup/barking cough? No. Pain? No, only in the throat from coughing.

Then, the new question: Anything new in her room? Any new possible dust source? Ummmm, no. Any new stuffed animals?

YES! We got a couple of hand-me-down darling stuffed animals from a friend who had outgrown them, and she loves them, and started sleeping with them. BINGO! That's it!

Phew. What a relief. All of said stuffed animals are being washed, along with Blanket and Bear, and all bedding. We hope for a quiet night tonight.

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