Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Whiners' Anonymous

Hi. My name is Kristina. I'm a whiner.

I am trying to gather up a good attitude today after yesterday's meltdowns (both mine and Tessa's). Fortunately, Ryan came home, and helped me to get Tessa to bed, or I'm not sure what I would have done - I wanted to hide in my own bed with the covers over my head!

Today is a new day, a fresh start.

I'm looking up information on seven year olds, and came across this website (again). It should be required reading, I think:
and also this page:

It wasn't my imagination; Tessa is changing, and leaving equilibrium and entering disequilibrium. I am directed to be gentle and patient in response. Oh, I'm trying....

I think I need to master the art of explaining LESS and taking firm, fast action. Removing Tessa from the situation, allowing her to vent in a corner without my interaction. "I love you. This behavior is unacceptable. When you're ready to talk, please come to me. Until then, stay here."

I'll have to work on my script, but I have to come up with a good, succinct one.

I think I'm in disequilibrium, too! Can I go to my room?


Tessa is coughing and sneezing and blowing her nose today...and home from school. I'm going to set up an appointment with an allergist to see if that is the deal. For such a healthy kid, she is missing a lot of school. Maybe that had something to do with yesterday, though?

Off to play dolls and read stories.

This website is very interesting - found this article:

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Center for Parenting Education said...

This is The Center for Parenting Education. If you are looking for the information Kristina listed on her post, it has moved. Please use the following links:
For information by age:
and for information on ages and stages: