Friday, February 12, 2010

Parenting advice?

I have just spent over an hour combing the library website for new resources for parenting Tessa. I have placed holds on books in the following categories:

- parenting only children
- parenting strong willed children
- seven year olds and their development
- discipline strategies for children
- how to keep cool when kids are driving (you) insane

I am a fan of the Positive Discipline series, and I've got Love & Logic on my bedside table.

Do you have favorite parenting resources? Websites, books, and the like?

When my current strategies fail, it's time to go to the library. Friends, anything to add?

Disclaimer: I am anti spanking, and that is my bias. I am comfortable with that position and not looking to change it.


Sue said...

I'm not a parent, but wanted to share the name of a book with you that you might want to read to see if it's applicable. It's called Little Sugar Addicts by Kathleen DesMaisons. Or check out the website at

Please do not take offense to this suggestion - I know you care deeply about the quality of food that you feed your family, and I do not want you to think I'm criticizing anything you are doing. But about 7 years ago I learned about this author and her work with what she calls Sugar Sensitivity. Sugar (in all forms, even "natural", and "white" processed carbs) affect some people very differently than others. When I eat sugar, I can get nasty, cranky, abusive to loved ones. It's like an alcoholic on a bad binge.

A lot of people in that community found that their children, who were darling, intelligent, creative, sensitive children, had the tendency to become little monsters when they ate too much sugar, or when they were coming off of it. Learning to change some things about their diet (both the children and the parents) helped them to change that behavior.

The program for children is a little different than adults, but feel free to ask me any questions you'd like about the program as I followed it for many years and worked in a leadership position in the online community (at I can't say for certain that this could the the issue, but if nothing else seems to make sense, it might be another piece to look at.

Kristina said...

Sue, I do not take offense at all. Right now, because of your post, I'm looking at what Tessa eats and watching her behavior that day to see if there are patterns. Thank you!