Friday, August 07, 2009

Hard questions

Tonight Tessa asked a lot of question.

Why weren't the pictures the doctor took good enough?
What is wrong with your breasts?
Why are you scared?
...and the hard one:
Do you have cancer again?

I tried my best to explain it in optimistic terms. Tessa said, "Maybe there is a bone that the pictures can see." Something like that, honey.

Sigh. Six year olds should NOT have to worry about cancer. I am so sad that she has so much life experience that these questions arise for her.

I promised that I would not lie to her, that if I had to do chemo again I would tell her so that it wouldn't be a surprise, and so she didn't need to worry. I said we'd celebrate next week when we got good results, but that I was nervous until then.

I hate cancer.

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susanmig said...

ri have been reading your blog for a younger sister is a "young" survivor".....i hate that! anyhow, i've seen your battle and hers as somewhat the same, for some reason...i don't know why....just similar..anyhow....i hope that your recent fears are JUST fears.....nothing more....but if they are "more", i know, just from reading your blog, that you will handle what will come with your usual strength and wisdom. please know that there are people sending you positive and comforting vibes for far away.