Friday, August 14, 2009


Is it this week? Is it spending two hours waiting for my appointment at Swedish today? Is it yet another blood draw? Am I still just coming down from the stress of the biopsy?

Whatever it is, I am so very tired. To the point of not being able to cope. Off to bed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm gunnerddog from the WSB. I came over here to drop you my contact info because they took away the PM feature. I don't believe you're my neighbor as very few of my neighbors have kids. Anyway, I was caught up in your previous posts and wish you all the best. I lost my mother to cancer and my father-in-law is fighting it right now. It can be downright brutal.

Anyway, if you want to give me a call, I can come by and pick up the baby monitor. I'm so thankful. We didn't need one with the first baby, but think we will need one for the second. I live in Gatewood and am more than happy to come pick it up sometime.

Mike (206) 898-7034